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Aug 30, 2016


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Looking for a strategic partner to help further develop, monetise and promote my existing app "BantzApp" for an equity share to be negotiated based on the terms of our agreement.

Project Description


Bantz App Summary: The fastest drink or dare game on the market.

Only one person needs the app installed!

Create a game, invite your friends by using facebook or just by taking a picture and track the winners on the leaderboard.

Different dares have different points, if you chicken out you earn 1 point and have to drink, if you complete the dare you win the number of points on the card.

Capture all the moments! Take pictures of friends while they are doing the dare, post them on your social networks or have a laugh the next day by going through the game timeline.


Website -

Android -

Apple -

Vision & Goals:

Unfortunately whilst the concept is very good - the game play doesn't run as smooth as I would like

It needs a few minor changes to improve gameplay.

I am happy to offer equity as would then like to monetize the app


rafał fijoł
Excellent :)
1928 Days ago
artur milewicz
Very good job!
1933 Days ago
damian ropicki
Good job!
1943 Days ago

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Equity share to be negotiated & fully agreed based on the terms of our agreement. This will be due to what you can offer the app in terms of skill.