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Jul 20, 2012


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We are going to be developing an iPhone app that provides Zen Cart owners, developers and our employees with a searchable guide to the Zen Cart administration. (

Project Description

WizTech Partners iPhone Application for Zen Cart

The end result of this project is actually a beginning. A beginning of a new business, WizTech Partners.


A group of women here in Charlottesville, VA, are working to make my vision a reality.  I want to see an employee-owned business of mostly women that provides a way into the world of technology.  There are many unemployed and underemployed women here in this college town as well as several populations of potential employees who are underutilized: women with young children and or disabled children, home-schooling moms, women taking care of elderly parents and physically challenged women who need to make money.


Normal businesses may hire these women into entry-level, service or retail positions but those jobs pay horribly and frequently not enough to pay for child or elder care.  What is needed are jobs with flexible hours that pay well per hour and businesses who support the needs of these employees.


My personal business, Delia Wilson Design, LLC., and Zen Cart Delia was my answer to my particular set of problems and I have been successful, too successful in fact in some ways.


I need to hire employees but lack the funds to train and equip employees with computers and software.  So I decided to reorganize and start a new employee-owned corporation with the mission of hiring, training and supporting this untapped pool of employees.


Some time back I talked toO'Reilly ( about publishing a book for the users of the open source shopping cart that I specialize in. They countered with a suggestion of an iPhone application instead.


So WizTech Partners kick-off project is an iPhone application that will become an essential resource for Zen Cart website owners and developers.  It will also be a training and resource aid for WizTech Partners. Basically it will be a guide to the Zen Cart adminstration done in a search format.  None of the published materials available today provide the right kind of access to this information so there is a niche to be filled!


One of the WizTech Partners, Melissa Kennedy, has been training with me without pay and is going to be learning iPhone development. I'll provide the needed Zen cart documentation and project plans. Together we're investing in our future and the future of other women by creating an entry into technology jobs for women and the disabled.Please take time to read more about our vision at and help us get started by contributing to our iPhone application project!


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Free app and lifetime membership for the online zen cart search information

delia lunsford

Charlottesville, VA, US

WizTech (women in ZenCart) is using an iphone app as a funding start for a new business designed to hire, train and support Women In Technology. The new business is based on my existing business, Delia Wilson Design and Read more about our efforts at to start changing our little bit of the world, one woman at a time.