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May 23, 2016


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Global Locator AED/ Adapted blind people/ Enterprise management tool/ Checks and verification of data/ Support in emergency situations/ Follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association

Project Description

Every day is more common to find Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public places for use by non-medical personnel.
In situations of  Cardiac Arrest, the most important thing is to act quickly and to have the information of the position of a nearest AED, can make the difference between life and death.
Therefore important to have in the Cell information quickly and efficiently, safely and accuracy.
Project description
AED ZONE is based on experience and verification of other applications on the market but unfortunately do not have control filters to check the reality of the information listed in your APP.
AED ZONE was created with the goal of being the global benchmark for users who need information in case of emergency or want to schedule a trip and check availability of AEDs in their destination.
ZONE AED will have a support page (in creation), where users can verify the information, access to information on how to proceed in situations of emergency, videos and tutorials emergency medical and other aid medical accident prevention and improved overall health.
ZONE AED will guide the rescuer in all phases of the rescue, following the guidelines of the Amercian Heart Association.
AED ZONE allow the user to contact the emergency telephone device according to location, just with a click.
AED ZONE provide assistance in managing the AED to companies that have devices, enabling controls maturity accessories, controls training of employees who are prepared to use AED, ability to control openings cabinets in case of emergency, use controls and devices in the near future location for equipment in mobile units and verification through cell AED status.
Welcome to AED ZONE!!!!!
The APP that made the difference in the performances of emergencies of Cardiac Arrest, AED ZONE, will become the indispensable element to help locate the nearest AED, guide the person to the location, provide support in the phases of the rescue and communicate to the user with the emergency of the location where you are.
Project: Creation of a APP for the global location of the AED installed worldwide as a public or private use.
Users can locate the closest to your position in case of an emergency of Cardiac Arrest, to act in the first minutes and get minimize deaths from this cause AED.
Target audience: This product has two types of target audience, users or society in general, which will be informed by location of the nearest AED. Manufacturers, companies, corporations, governments or other institutions with this device is available.
The goal is to get the record maximum of AED installed worldwide, with data access times, location, whether they are public or private access and other data needed for application users and management for proprietary companies.
The main objective is to become the reference implementation for the location AEDs.
The target audience is the user who will act as first responder in an emergency, as well as companies or institutions that have an AED in its facilities, which will have an advertising platform in the network at minimal cost.
Our Brand: This application was born with the name of AED ZONE, and web support
The image is still working but there are already some sketches that are being used reference.
The picture may change before launch, as it is a provisional image and for the testing phase.
Objective medium / long term: The purpose of this application is to have the record of the most prestigious brands on the market within the first 2 years after its launch, with the emergence of updates that bring significant improvements to the product.
As you can see we have a version of AED ZONE which is to be launched as version 1.0 shortly after check.
This project was carried out with own capital by contract a specialized company APP, the company is our technology provider and consultant for this development.
This is an element of guarantee to potential investors, as the first investment has been made and with good results.
The funds requested will be to cover part of dDevelopingment theof basicametne and to support the commercial launch of AED ZONE, to be held by countries such specific and worldwide generally.
We are not starting from nothing, we have time and I dienro invested in the project, confidence and contacts to comseguir market penetration and growth ususarios exponentially in the early years of AED ZONE.
Service functionality: The application aims to become an essential tool in case of an emergency Sudden Cardiac Arrest, so the design of the APP, its configuration and use is based on its functionality, ease and be a friendly experience for users.
Origin of the idea: This idea stems from the observation of different applications and identify gaps, with the sole aim of creating an application that really is useful, include all data from the AED and information are up to date and consistent with the reality of their status and location.
The idea is based on the belief that developing a APP that is really focused on the user and to facilitate access to AEDs and provide useful information at the time of the emergency, which is based only on reality, accuracy and control devices. To get the user to have real and truthful information and support at all times of emergency action.
AED ZONE, is the first app in sector that is adapted for use by blind people, using existing technologies so that they can easily use this application.
The market potential of this product are all companies, organizations and other entities with an AED in their facilities as Cardioprotegido space or for private or public use.
This service covers the need for users to have real and updated information, as well as for companies or institutions know that their data is handled in a professional manner, that the records are real and able to have an advertising platform for their brand by inserting your logo on the website with the possibility that this will be redirected to commercial or institutional page.
Competition in this sector there and in all cases the registration of AED is no cost for companies without verifying the data in most cases, leaving it to the person entering the data the veracity of these and the authenticity of the existence of the AED in place that indicates, this can lead to mistakes, lack of verification and simply create points of AED, for the simple fact of having many references. Our project is based on the accuracy of the data, and if something has a cost minimum that this is, there is a concern that the data are real because records are the responsibility of the companies that have and are facilitating data and the AED and its location.
This is a good investment if you are looking for stable long-term profitability, AED ZONE tien the goal of becoming indispensable for locating AED worldwide.
Your best guarantee is queya has realizdo the initial version of the APP, this development has realizdo with equity and capital solciitado for the last phase of the application and to launch AED ZONE.
No doubt this is a good investment



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I am entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, that start with my capital and associated. This project is ambitious, creative and with an important social objective. I firmly believe in this, I have capital invested time and resources for development, now seeking funds to launch and final phase of production.