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Dec 31, 2014


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This is a unique opportunity to purchase the source code of several cool and unique sound/family games for iOS, Android and other platforms made with Unity. Only $499 of 10 unique crossplatform games.

Project Description

Hi everyone!

This is a unique opportunity to purchase the source code of several cool and unique sound/family games for iOS, Android and other platforms made with Unity.

The games have over 100,000 downloads and generate about the cost of the source bundle per month with zero promotion.:) They generated much more in the first months, but promotion is required.

The source code is sold non-exclusively, you can use it with modified graphics or characters for as many games and platforms you wish. Yes, you can publish the games not only for iOS or Android, but with changes on any platform Unity supports (Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac etc.). The original games will stay in the app stores. You need to create and submit your own reskinned versions based on this source code.

You will get the source code of exactly the versions which were submitted to the app stores. You can modify it yourself or look for an inexpensive developer to do it on Odesk or Elance websites. I cannot provide technical support. The code is sold AS IS. You will need to update it to the new SDK versions or Unity version yourself.

I am selling the code because I am switching to my business app projects and do not have time to work on my games. I am sure with minimal promotion and improved graphics the games have good potential as standalone products or for promotion of your other casual products.

The kitten games are particularly popular with children who want to have a kitten but for some reasons are not able to get it. As a rule they generate good casual game installs.

The bundle costs only $(US) 499 As a rule similar source code with a multiple reskin app license for ten crossplatform 3D games would cost at least 3000-5000 dollars, so for the price it is a steal. And the games are unique, not another endless runner.

***Important*** To be on the safe side with Unity assets used, you – in addition to buying my apps here – will need to purchase third-party assets in the Unity Asset Store. Third-party assets used in these projects cost about $360 in total and they can be re-used with any Unity projects of yours (it’s not a purchase for one app only).

==== Here are the links to games in the app stores + versions that will be included. If you want to purchase the whole bundle for $(US)499 (recommended) or an individual game for $(US)100 (except for Cute Kitten Sounds which costs $200) with the same licensing terms please send your order request to

Links to all games in the app stores are available here:


gary speed
The cat is so cute lol.
624 Days ago
valley bentong
A little pricey but looks good. All the best!
696 Days ago
johnson helen
Well this doesn't look well.
1173 Days ago
iola morgan
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1378 Days ago

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