“Opera Max” Compresses Data

Data savings? Check.  Privacy? Check. Free to use? Check.

Although it has been around for a few years now, not many are aware of ‘Opera Max’.  If you are one of many that is constantly bumping up against your monthly data cap, this app may be for you.

Before using Opera Max, I would simply rely on data compression within Chrome itself to save precious megabytes.  I found it frustrating however that this only applied to data transferred within the browser itself.

Enter Opera Max.

By connecting to Operas servers via a virtual private network (VPN), all data transfer is now compressed before being sent your way!  Whether this be in your browser, or any other standalone app.

The beauty of this, is that it has an inherent safety benefit with the way it functions.  By routing this information through their servers for compression, the VPN adds a layer of privacy and safety to your online habits.  Who doesn’t like savings and privacy!

Depending on your habits, users will see varying levels of savings.  If you are a heavy Netflix user like me, your savings will be substantial.  If you simply refresh your email constantly, not as much.  Regardless, even the smallest of savings can mean money saved at the end of your billing cycle if you manage to stay within your data cap.

Here’s the downside.  Free to use, the app generates income via advertisements.  This is a program that is great because, after your initial setup, you simply forget it and leave it running in the background.  This unfortunately means less ad views since you rarely open the app.  Opera has recognized this and added a timer function.  Usage remains free, however you are now required to ‘refill’ your time every twelve hours – therein forcing extra ad views.

Granted this is an inconvenience, I still find Opera Max works for me.  I simply add 12 hrs of usage in the morning, and by the time that runs out, I’m back home using Wi-Fi in the evening.

With a simple interface and quantifiable benefits each month, I find myself a daily user despite its shortcomings.

There you have it!  If you are like many and have become a data pincher every month, check out Opera Max.

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