“Odd Jobs” an App for Earning Money

Great for travelers and students alike, ‘Odd Jobs’ is an app that is designed to earn its users money.

While perusing through my local buy & sell groups on Facebook recently, I noticed many student posting, looking for ‘Odd Jobs’ to make some quick cash.   I thought this was a great idea at first – it’s free, easy to connect, and take nearly no time to post.

There was only one problem though, with groups populated by thousands, and countless posts each day, their attempts were simply white noise.

‘Odd Jobs’ is a Canadian developed app that is aimed towards two types of people.  Those that have an odd job that needs doing, and those that are looking to do an odd job.

To use the app, you simply open it, and it will utilize your GPS to show/ map out any odd jobs that need doing near you.  Available info such as rate of pay, nature of work, etcetera is made available.  Don’t expect to find any career jobs however.  This is geared towards those short, quick jobs – typically labour based.

If you have a job that needs doing, you simply create a posting with the job details and location.

Since the application is not dependant on location, this is great for travellers as well, as they can simply search for quick cash wherever they happen to be!

The issue that arises in this instance is travelling in foreign countries.  To work outside of your own country in compensation for cash is a ‘no-no’.  For this a work permit would be needed.  So if you find yourself travelling and using this app, consider bartering!  If you find yourself in this situation as an international traveller, check out Bunz Trading (an app dedicated specifically to the bartering process).

As a child, this app would have been a fantastic source of income.  I remember making my summer money by mowing 4-6 lawns weekly as a young teen.  I was lucky in being able to do so.  For those that did not have any other means of making any money, would have I’m sure loved to have used Odd Jobs.

Now as an adult, I will be a regular poster!  For those jobs such as raking the lawn, shoveling the driveway, washing the car, I’ll pay a neighborhood youth.

That’s the gist of it.  There are no frills with this app.  There aren’t even any ads to deal with.

For those like myself that live somewhat rural, the listings can be sparse.  However the app is free to use, so what’s the harm?

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