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Dec 15, 2012


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The Vevue App allows users to create video reviews of a business using their mobile phones. To make these Vevues accessible to millions, a Google Chrome Extension places them on the correct Google Business Pages.

Project Description

Vevue began as an idea that we posted on Appsplit.  In doing so we were contacted by Whizpool, a developer from Pakistan.  After a couple days of negotiations via video chat, we hashed out a development for equity deal.


Why we need funding?

- We would like to expand our in app map by adding search filters and social interaction.
- We are currently only on Android and would like to build for iOS.
What is Vevue?
Create and share video reviews of your location.

With the Vevue App, you can create video reviews of your favorite 
places and share them with your friends, family and anyone else.
To make these Vevues accessible to millions, a Google Chrome 
Extension places them on the correct Google Business 

Download the FREE Vevue App today and start to Vevue Your World.

HOW TO VEVUE (Record Video Review of your location)
- You have 30 seconds to Vevue your surroundings. We encourage speaking. 
Hold your phone horizontally, move slowly and keep steady.

- Are you at a Google+ Local location? 
If yes, tap "Create Vevue for Google" and enter a keyword of your location. 
Select your location, record, then tap the checkmark. 
Your Vevue will be seen throughout Google+ Local Pages.

- If not at a Google+ Location, tap "Create Vevue for map"
Title your Vevue, record, then tap the checkmark.
Explore your Vevues and others by tapping "Vevue Map"

Tip #1 - When out Vevuing, be as creative or simple as you want!
Tip #2 - When creating a Vevue for your own Business be creative!
Tip #3 - Vevue a fancy Hotel room.
Tip #4 - Vevue a meal when dining out.
Tip #5 - Go for a walk or drive and Vevue some cool scenery
Tip #6 - Vevue an event or news

Who we are:

Vevue Profile (We met on Appsplit!!!)

Thomas Olson

Zeeshan Arif

Joshua Mix

Vevue Press:




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