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Fun game for all ages. Become the Swing King!

Project Description


Below is an AppSafari Review.

Released by Nicholas Henson, Swing King is an app available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $0.99. Swing swing Swing King! Timing, trajectory, and finger straining tapping. Time your jump properly at the height of your swing in order to launch yourself as far as possible. Suddenly, a random bird will pick you up and fly forward as long as you tap rapidly on the screen! The furthest you can go, the better.

Here’s a basic sum up of Sing King. Tap when the bar is full on your swing and if it’s near the maximum height, a blue bird will come and grab onto you. The bird will fly with you and you have to tap the screen extremely fast to maintain the flight. The longer you go, the better! Unfortunately, this doesn’t really spell “fun” as much as it spells “stressful” but I still really liked it.

The tapping is on the level of insanity sometimes. I tried a more moderate tap and the game just lets the Swing King kid smash into the ground. To even be caught by the bird I mentioned, you have to be at the maximum swing while you are still on the ground. In the air, tapping like crazy keeps the bird flapping; finally, there will be a point where the poor tired bird will drop you. If this is your later play through, you can activate a special item. Further glide through the air, rockets, or a slow fall parachute can be activated to further your distance. Careful though, save the powerup only AFTER the bird runs out of energy. If you do the mistake I did, you’ll play the powerup before the bird catches you, the bird will miss because you’ll be using your item, and then you’ll crash land at 100 meters or something sad like that.

The art is unique and well-drawn. The main character, the “Swing King”, is a kid in a white tee and jeans. I would love to see different outfits and maybe even a “Swing Queen” character, but overall, well done. Backgrounds are bright, though you’ll be mostly seeing clouds and the sky. While you’re swinging however, the tree your swing is hanging from is really pretty.

After a few minutes of Swing King, my hand starts to feel tight and I’m genuinely tired. You’ll probably be able to tone your arms while playing this game app… which is a unique sales note. This is a simple game to play with the ability to be played for 20 seconds or 5 minutes depending on how well you tap and how well you us your items.

Try Swing King out for yourself. Get a work out, enjoy the art, and try and potentially win $500 prize in the Swing King Tournament!

AppSafari Rating: 5/5

App Review By Joseph Ho Posted on May 17th, 2011 and filed under App Store, Featured, Games, Time Management


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