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Feb 24, 2013


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Find where products are being sold around you, if they are in stock and how many are left, and compare prices at each store !

Project Description


The problem with current map applications is you can never find where a specific item is being sold. If you were looking for "Pillow Pets" and you searched for that, the app will only look for stores that have the name "Pillow Pets" instead of searching inventory !

With this breakthrough application you will now be able to search inventory so if you wanted to search for an item as well, it will show you everywhere around you that the item is sold ! 
It will compile a list (which you can organize closest to furthest, or price lowest to highest) or show you a map of where you are and pins of where the item is being sold around you !

It will show you prices that each establishment is selling the item, how many are left in stock, reviews and pictures ! 

Also ! you can make location based reminders so next time you are by the store where it is sold it will remind you of that item !

When you search for something (be it list results or map) you can click either the result (on the list) on the pin (on the map) and you can call the store, map to or from the store and it will also show you store hours.

Results (List View) :

  • Organize by price (lowest to highest, highest to lowest)
  • Organize by location (closest to furthest, furthest to closest)
  • View store hours
  • Map to and from the location
  • Call store
  • View store website
  • Look at customer and consumer reviews and ratings of each item
  • Add item to list
  • Make a location bases reminder (remind you to get that item when you are by the store and at the store next)

Results (Map View) :

  • Drop pins at every single location the item is sold at
  • Map to and from location
  • View store hours
  • View store website
  • Call store
  • Look at customer and consumer reviews and ratings of each item
  • Add item to list Make a location bases reminder (remind you to get that item when you are by the store and at the store next)

Location Based Reminders:

  • Remind you of item(s) you need next time you are by (or near) the store its sold at


Lists are great to have during holidays or if you have a family! keep track of what each family member needs for birthdays, holidays and more!

  • Create a list for groceries, Christmas, birthdays and more!
  • Organize lists in any way!
  • Full contact integration (assign lists to contacts in your phone!)
  • Edit, delete and create new lists quick and easy
  • Add items to get to all lists or specific ones.
  • Have a list become a location reminder! Make the grocery list pop up next time you are by(or in) the grocery store.
  • Quickly Email lists to anybody you want

Review of App functionality:

  • Buy an item on your phone and pick up in store 
  • Make location based reminders or lists so when you are by the item it will remind you
  • Make custom reminders or lists, so you can look up what everyone needs and give them individual lists, also can integrate location reminders within each list
  • See if an item is in stock
  • See how much of an item is in stock
  • See prices of items
  • History & Saved searches
  • Full contact integration (reminders)
  • See store hours
  • Map to or from store
  • View store website

When you search for an item, instead of going and getting it right then and there you can make a location based reminder, so next time you are by the area you selected (maybe with most in stock, or lowest price) or any store that sells that item it will remind you that you need to get that!

Now if you have families or friends you can also create lists for individual people ! This is VERY helpful during holiday seasons, birthdays and more! You can search for items a specific person wants so each individual person will have their own list ! You can also have location based reminders for some or all of the things they want, timed reminders which will remind you on a date and/or time you chose or no reminder at all !

This new revolutionary app with make shopping a breeze ! Holiday shopping, birthday shopping will all take no time at all ! No longer will you have to call the store to see their hours, if they sell something or if its even in stock !

We need your help to make this incredible app possible. This will revolutionize not only the way people will find products, and shop, but mapping apps as well! 




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bradley wyatt


I love finding new ways on implementing new technology within every day life.