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Dec 11, 2012


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Where having a Designated Driver can now be considered cool.

Project Description

I have come across 2 names that would be general mainstream. My DD or "Dude Im Drunk". 

We have all seen our friends drive drunk and 9 times out of 10 we do not want to approach the subject. This idea was created because 10 friends didnt say no and someone lost their life. 

The DD app makes it cool for someone to be on their phone and just say "help".

When someone is out and needs a DD, they can visit the app, tag their location for a ride with the amount of cash they are willing to pay for a ride home. Lets face is, cab rides are pretty expensive in which most people under 32 dont really want to pay. 

An "approved" driver in the area checks in the location and makes contact with the user and is on his way. 

How about getting their car in the morning? Repeat process. 

This app does or does not need to cost anything to the user to download and would be better not to however, there are ways to generate income on the app. Payment process would be one of them and approved driver application fees. 

I see this ideally saving a lot of lives and also helping a starving college student, someone on unemployment needing to make money. 

There are some other ideas i could put into the equation and would be happy to consult on the marketing aspect of the project. 




Hi Melissa - this has been fixed for you. You can reach support by sending an email to thanks!!
2038 Days ago
Dilawer Soomro
Hey Melissa!
You can change the price by editing your campaign.
2041 Days ago
melissa powell
This is actually suppose to be 3500.00 for sale. Im trying to fix it.
2042 Days ago

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app idea is fully for sale. Will consult if needed.

melissa powell

From the State of Texas, I love finding ways that can truly help others. I have a creative mind at its best. The idea behind this App though, came from the heart.