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Sep 11, 2012


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I'm selling my best app so far - iRealGun, it has over 30 000 users so far, it's generating $5-30 in revenue daily with NO MARKETING at all! App has in-app purchases + iAd.

Project Description


I'm selling my best app so far - iRealGun - 30 000 users so far, it's generating $5-30 in revenue daily with NO MARKETING at all! App has in-app purchases and iAd.

With proper marketing iRealGun can earn $100+ daily easily!

You will get the complete app code (alone worth over $2000), complete artwork, official twitter account with over 2400 followers + 10 facebook free advertising vouchers (worth $500)  + 10 adwords vouchers (worth $1000) so you can promote the app for a long time!!!

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Check the app:

The only app in which you can hold your device like a gun a simulate movie-style cocking and shooting.
Animation, realistic sound and achievements are here to make it more fun! Compete with your friends, and prove you can be the best gunman!
iRealGun is as real as it gets, and it's free! So go ahead, give it a try - be the fastest!



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