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Sep 10, 2016


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Chatting app that uses internet and runs of every device like PC, Chromebook, Smartphones. User can share images, voice messages and videos for free. Available for android platform.

Project Description

Ecko Chat is the best chatting app which runs on every device and operating system like PC, tablet, Chromebook, linux, Android and non-android smartphones. It can be operated using 2G, 3G or WiFi internet connection and help you to message to near and dear ones. You can Switch from SMS to Ecko Chat to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. It helps you to send a million messages a day to your friends for free! It just use your internet connection. 
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Easy Multimedia Transfer
  • Group Chat
  • No International Charges
  • No PIN or Username required
  • No Need to Login and Logout
  • Offline Messages


Sep 30, 2016

Sep 30, 2016

We are updating the campaign again for 3 months more. Hurry 


artur milewicz
1654 Days ago
patryk gregorczyk
Great thing!
1664 Days ago

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