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Jul 25, 2014


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This is a unique opportunity to purchase several cool and unique piano music/family games for both iOS and Android made with Unity.

Project Description

Hi everyone!

This is a unique opportunity to purchase several cool and unique piano music/family games for both iOS and Android made with Unity. If you purchase for Buy Now price you can port them to any mobile (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) and desktop platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) Unity supports. If not, then I am selling complete rights for iOS and Android platforms only (Amazon is included, but Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, PC etc. are not).

You can view my listing at Apptopia here with links to games:

Right now with Chartboost and RevMob revenue they all together are generating about $400-450 per month (for May should be about $500), and I suppose there will be more downloads in autumn and winter than in late spring/summer.

This bundle includes very interesting unique apps for kids and adult pet lovers, and there is definitely some niche for cross-platform animated 3D pet piano/sound/dressup/reading toon apps. But such apps require marketing and keyword optimization, I am not good at it, but it's in general easier to keep in top charts in Music category than in other game categories. Better monetization will also help, I only used banner ands in some successful apps at first, revenue could be much higher if I used interstitials from the very beginning.

I am sure that with proper marketing and visual improvements revenue could be much higher, besides, I am also selling the rights to port and publish as paid apps at Amazon and Window Phone. Only Easter Kitten piano is published at Amazon, with ads, and after it received just 2 ratings, it started generating some small but steady revenue, so these apps do require marketing. And I have not sold them yet as paid apps at Google Play yet, so selling them as paid apps at Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone market is supposed to generate additional revenue. Besides, Windows Phone market is not that saturated.

Singing Kitten Piano (just the first app, not counting downloads of Easter Bunny Kittens) received over 23,000 downloads in Google Play and about 9,000 in the iOS App Store (with zero marketing, there is definitely a niche for such games). In the App Store it was in Top 100 Games > Music for iPhone in 30 countries and for iPad in 63.

T-Rex Dinosaur Piano received about 21,000 downloads in Google Play and has been generating some small but steady sales as a paid app in the iOS App Store.

The growth is completely natural. And you can easily reskin these apps to create similar scare prank apps (along with current apps), which hopefully will be even more popular.

Most of other piano apps are also growing naturally each week at Google Play in downloads. It does not happen fast at Google Play, but it is happening.

Animated 3D cat/kitten sound apps could also be more successful at Google Play, but I was showing too many RevMob ads at the beginning, this resulted in lower ratings. As soon as I recently turned off RevMob and kept only Chartboost, downloads started increasing slowly. These apps receive more downloads at App Store, but they seem to grow naturally better at Google Play.

These apps require marketing too, there is a group of customers (primarily children) who want to have a kitten, but who cannot get it for some reason. They love these apps. Besides, Chartboost monetization with kitten-themed apps is usually good.

Speaking of dinosaur-themed apps, there are lots of dinosaur lovers.)

It looks like my recently released Singing Husky Puppy Piano is also starting to grow naturally in downloads in Google Play.

Singing Birds piano is just released, it has not received many downloads yet, but it is unique because player can switch between several types of birds, each with two different realistic randomly selected songs.

Goat Piano may need proper marketing to ride on popularity of recently released goat simulators.

And of course the possibilities of reskinning a 3D dressup (for Android) game or reading toon game (for iOS) are also endless.

***Important*** To be on the safe side with Unity assets used, you - in addition to buying my apps here - will need to purchase third-party assets in the Unity Asset Store. Third-party assets used in these projects cost about $360 in total and they can be re-used with any projects of yours (it's not a purchase for one app only).

Some backgrounds used are stock images, you may want to replace them too.

Code is made in Unity and is not documented, but it's pretty simple, a decent developer will understand what to change. The main 'magic' is in how objects are arranged at the scene. in the Inspector. The most important script files in each project are Actor.cs (which actually handles sounds/animations), ModeManager.cs and GUIManager.cs.

I am willing to provide email support to your developer for two months after purchase for free.


Hello, I am John MILLs; Private investor. I opted for the financing of projects to financially support all serious people with projects. Contact me if you need. Here is my mail:
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