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Aug 06, 2014


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I am Selling World Most Popular Game 2048 Source Code. We are selling xCode project that is clone of popoular 2048 Game. After reskining this game you can upload.

Project Description


  • Simpe native UIKit elements
  • iAd and Admob for banner ads
  • Facebook share
  • GameCenter integration
  • iPhone 5 wide screen support
  • Runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods.
  • You can easily change Win Value to any Higher Value e.g 2048 to 4096 to 6144 etc...


winda kathy
Great offer
6 Days ago
Is it closed or open? I can't use it now. If you wouldn't mind checking on it Ehsan, because perhaps I am not the only one having problems - that would be great.
61 Days ago
sullivan isabella
I always lose near 1024!
196 Days ago
helen brown
This is truly amazing, I am so addicted!
207 Days ago
kelly ethan
Can we expect 4096?
213 Days ago
kelly helen
I played it on iphone, it's great.
213 Days ago
meekins james
This is such a good game, I love it!
228 Days ago
lucy taylor
Great offer, thanks for sharing this!
236 Days ago
Hello, I am John MILLs; Private investor. I opted for the financing of projects to financially support all serious people with projects. Contact me if you need. Here is my mail:
882 Days ago
I can do re skinning
1759 Days ago
Vishaal Jain
who ll do reskining ?
1810 Days ago

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