4 steps to follow when planning your crowdfunding campaign

Interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign? If you are working on an idea and looking for tips and advice on crowdfunding, you’ve come to the right place. Appsplit is all about helping campaigns succeed. As a starting point, take a look at a few tips that may help you get ready for launching your campaign, leave a comment and contact us if you need any additional help. We are here to help!

1 – Simple and straightforward crowdfunding pitch

This may sound pretty obvious but believe me, a clear pitch is required for properly kickstarting your campaign. It will boost the success of your campaign by engaging potential supporters, and helps you sell your idea to your audience. Write a concise and clear pitch. Explain what you’re trying to do, what you want to achieve and why your idea is worthy of being supported. Don’t go off on tangents and stick to the point. Explain the goal of your project in the first paragraph, so if anyone reads a few lines, he/she gets an idea on what you’re trying to do right away. Don’t forget that you are reaching and engaging with supporters from around the world so keep your language as simple as you can. If you are able to impress supporters they will support you and often times be advocates for you and will help spread the word.

2 – Attention grabbing and interesting crowdfunding rewards

This is an important aspect of any crowdfunding campaign and attracts most supporters. When planning your rewards, make sure that you have something for everyone. Always aim for 4-6 levels of rewards ranging from low ($2 – $5) to high ($100 – $500). Each reward should be unique and reflect the amount of money being promised. Always keep your lower tier rewards simple while making your higher tier rewards premium and exclusive to attract VIP crowdfunding supporters. You can also add value to your rewards by promising early access to your app, giving free subscriptions, adding supporters’ name to credits, etc – that will definitely bring in more attention. Make sure that you calculate the costs of the rewards and offer what you can actually deliver. Don’t spend all your funds on rewards alone, remember that you have to develop your campaign with the same bucket of money.

3 – Engaging on social media

Make sure that you engage your audience through social media before and after the launch of your campaign. Keep them in the circle and update them with all the news. You should dedicate a small amount of time everyday to social media alone to promote your campaign and build a strong community around your campaign. Check out our social media tips here to learn more on how to use social media effectively for your campaign.

4 – Be active after the launch

Most people think that all the work they have to perform for a crowdfunding campaign is pre-launch. That’s so wrong. You have to be more active after the launch of the campaign and keep your supporters in the loop on what you’re doing, how your campaign is performing, stats, etc. Don’t let the project take over your other activities but give it a decent amount of time and promote it. You have to promote it both online and offline to make it a success. Have a clear marketing strategy for your campaign and execute the strategy. Use the appsplit team for help and advice, we are always here to help.

If you plan your crowdfunding campaign the right way and follow all of the above steps, your campaign is more likely to succeed. You will also get an interested community that will help you in your future campaigns as well. Still unsure? Contact us, we can help you plan your campaign and give you step by step instructions on how to be successful at crowdfunding, because your success is our success.

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