Staying in the Know, When You’re on the Go

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When you’re in transit, whether it is to work or to another destination, you don’t want your time spent in commute to go wasted. Whether you have a 20 minute trek to your office, or 20 hours on a flight across the world- there are apps of convenience that will keep you up on all of the information you’d like to know. These useful apps will allow you to be productive, rather than wasting your time with games or naps.

Radiolab is an app that will allow you to escape your commuting lull and enter into a stream of creative and knowledgeable energy. This radio show, which is broadcasted on over 300 radio stations around the country, is available for download to your mobile device. By having the app you can listen to all podcasts from the show (from the oldest to the most recent). As a Radiolab devotee you’ll be able to share podcasts via email, Facebook and Twitter. So while you’re moving about you can fill your brain up with beneficial information so you never skip a beat.

Ted Talks
After you’ve taken in enough of the daily news and you want to broaden your interests, open up Ted on your device and become riveted by the specialists available at your fingertips. This app let’s you watch videos of talks given by a variety of gripping individuals. Sit back and go through the catalogue to find a video that you think will interest you and plug your headphones and yourself into the crash course.

While you’re busily trying to get from point A to point B, you simply don’t have time to go through all different websites in order to read everything you want to read. With this gem you’ll be to sync your Google reader account (and access it), so you’ll be receiving content that you’ve subscribed to all in one easy place. Browse through at your own leisure and pause on the things that you want to read further about.

By using this app, you’ll be able to access many different stories and topics in one convenient location. Breaking news will be delivered to you along with stories ranging from sports to travel and much more. You are able to pick some topics that interest you and then you will instantly receive stories that fall into said categories. There is also a search bar where you are able to look for other stories that aren’t in your feed. Sit back, relax and learn something new.

Sound Gecko
Want to be able to multitask while you’re on the go? This clever app will read a news story out loud to you. You simply send the URL from the specific article and Sound Gecko will read it to you. Now you’ll be able to listen to what you want to know via your headphones while you’re working on another task.

Have you ever had a really great idea and then five minutes later can’t remember what you were thinking about?  Well you can now save all of your idea and never let them get lost outside your brain ever again. After a long day of work you just want to relax on your train ride home, but of course your mind is still going and churning out ideas. With Captio you can you write down your ideas into this app and they will send them to your email so you can remember and elaborate on them at a later time.
Keeping your thoughts and ideas organized is a big necessity. With you can either type on your device or speak into it and organize a list of what you need to do or remind yourself of. While you’re transporting, you’ll be able to quickly make a list of things you need to do at a later time. Don’t let those ideas go to waste- if something inspires you be sure to write it down. Make sure your down time geniuses get put to use.

If you find that you’re precious time is limited because you’re always on the go, then make your travel time worth while by checking out some of these apps.

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