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I have been a K-pop fans for a few years now, long before the immense popularity of Gangnam Style around the world. I got a handful list of songs from this genre in all my devices, and if its one I like to sing, I usually search for the lyrics and incorporate them right into the song file, which can be viewed from all iOS devices’ default music player. Well, sometimes it feels like a pretty dull task, to manually search for lyrics, copy to the file, and re-sync my music collection every single time. I’ve tried a couple of lyric apps in the AppStore, and none of them fit ever my preferences until now.  I just came across a new app, Kpop Lyrics, obviously tailored for K-pop genre, and decided to give it a try.

The main screen displays all songs in your device, each with its respective album cover. Selecting a song brings up a new screen with the search result for its lyric, where you also have a simple music player to control songs playback. You are also given the option to group the words, whether in 2 words, 3 words, or an entire line. In case you want to have quick access to a lyric page, you can also mark it as one of the favorites, which can be accessed in the future from the favorites section. The lyrics are displayed with both Korean characters as well as its romanized counterpart side by side. You can even save the lyrics as images and send them by email to your friends!

There is also a stand alone section if you want to search for lyrics manually, by entering the artist, album, or the song title information you will get a list of search results, which will display the same lyric screen once selected.

For those who also need to translate lyrics, you can use the translation tab, where you will need to enter the artist and/or song title information, which will bring up a list of search result. The results aren’t displayed right in the app. Instead, it will open the link in Safari. One handy guide for good pronunciation is also included in the app (from the About section), which might be pretty helpful for those unfamiliar with the Korean language.

You can grab Kpop Lyrics from the AppStore for free in a very limited time (it’s still free when this article is being written). The last price before it went free was $0.99. A lite version is also available.

Video trailer :

AppStore link (Plus version):

Hero's Way - Lakoo

AppStore link (Free version):

Hero's Way - Lakoo

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