Samsung Blunder Is Best Evidence Yet Of Galaxy S III Launch On May 3

A mistake made by Samsung may be the best evidence yet that the South Korean tech giant will be launching the much-awaited Galaxy S III superphone on May 3.

We’ve spotted the unintentional confirmation of the device’s launch in the description of the “Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012” app, the official app for the event Samsung will be holding in London on May 3. The app features a description of the unpacked event, a countdown to May 3 (7 p.m.), a map to get directions to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London where the event will take place, the teaser video collections Samsung has on the event, and a feature to get a live-stream of the event when it happens.

In the description for the app, Samsung has indicated:

“samsung mobile unpacked galaxy s3 unpack SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED


View information about SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED, Samsung mobile’s new product launch event series. With this application, you can get access to the latest information on SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED events at anytime and learn about new product launches before anyone else.”

[Emphasis ours]

Has Samsung just confirmed that its May 3 event is the launch of the Galaxy S III? Click on image to enlarge.

As can be seen on the description, there’s a part that says “galaxy s3” which is the smartphone most Android fans are waiting for right now.

UPDATE: It appears Samsung has removed the wayward description from the Unpacked 2012 app on the Google Play store. However, we managed to get a snapshot of the page before the description was taken down.

Nonetheless, this development begs the question: “Was this a mistake or an intentional pseudo-slip-up intended to generate buzz?” I wouldn’t put it past Samsung if this were intentional.

Since Samsung has invited people to “come meet the next Galaxy” on May 3, the company has been generating a lot of buzz. It is widely expected that “the next Galaxy” is the Galaxy S III, the successor to the massively-successful Galaxy S II flagship smartphone.

Samsung has taken advantage of the interest in its event and has posted a countdown to a teaser video in which they did not let the chance pass to again mock Apple fans as sheep. Samsung has a history of ridiculing Apple and its fans in its videos. Check this out and also this one. There was even a time when it was rumored that a the kid featured in the iPhone 4S ad from Apple was also made by Samsung as its model for one of its ads.

Following Samsung’s announcement of “the next Galaxy” event on May 3, there has also been a video which went viral claiming it is a leak of the Galaxy S III.

Anyway, here’s what is expected to be what the Galaxy S III is like. Read it and you’ll understand why this superphone is very much anticipated.

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Source: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 page on Google Play

Image 2 from samsungusa on Flickr

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