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In many occasions, having a great list-organizing app on the go might come in handy. Whether you are on your way to prepare your to-do lists, listing what you should buy upon arriving at the market, or doing any activities with lists on it. If you are an iDevice user, perhaps using the built-in apps such as the Notes or the Reminder app might not be enough to fully accomplish this simple yet (sometimes) daunting task. As usual, you can always go and surf around the AppStore to find 3rd party apps. There are many apps for this task, but I have yet to find anything more complete than List Master.

If there is one thing which makes it superior to other similar apps, that would be the level of customization provided. There are several common lists already given in the app, from simple to-do list, to daily groceries. Each list may contain different number of columns. What’s more, you can customize the data type for each of them. For example, you can have one column capable only to hold text values, and the other one only to hold numerical values. In a glance, you might think it actually works similar to spreadsheet apps.

Tapping on the “Check” button on a row will mark it as “Done”, with nice strike-out text effect on the entire row. You can also set the view to only display one column at a time, where you can swipe horizontally to switch between columns.

If you feel that the built-in lists aren’t enough, you can also add a new list, where you can define how many columns you would like to have on the list, complete with each column’s value type and other settings such as folder color, row height, etc.

While List Master offers lots of advanced features, it can be quite hard to master, especially with no proper tutorial built-in. New users can easily get lost due to not-so-clear user interfaces. But once you get the hang of it, it is the best there is to help you on listing various things. List Master is available as a universal app on the AppStore for $6.99.

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