Lunar Racer Review – Race Across The Universe

When I spotted this title, it immediately looks really familiar. Yes, looking at this game reminds me about Dream Track Nation, a somewhat similar looking racing game released last year by Chillingo. Judging by the screenshots and the genre, it surely did. True, if we are talking about the gameplay feel/experience, which is most probably caused by the fact that both of them are 2D sideway physics racing game, and incorporate similar cartoon artworks. But there are more from Lunar Racer, by Noodlecake Studios.

Despite the similar art style, Lunar Racer brought an entirely different theme, which is heavily influenced by space-themed environment. Not only that, unlike most racing games, here you will be racing on a circular track, where you are actually going around the globe.

Controls are made simple. Tapping on the left side of the screen will make your vehicle to be greatly affected by gravity and fall down straight, while tapping on the right hand side will activate the famous nitro for extra speed. But the more important aspect, is the tilt control. You can tilt your device to perform tricks like back-flips, which will in turn give you additional nitro gas. For me, this is the fun yet challenging part. In the beginning, it feels tricky to tilt correctly and get the vehicle landed smoothly. But after a while, this is actually what makes this game feels different, and moreover, performing flips are important in order to gain nitro.

Also, you can pick up power-ups, for example rockets, shields, mines, etc, which are quite important in order to catch up with your foes. In each tracks, you can pick up coins, which is called MoonBux here, useful for buying additional vehicle parts. In the end of the race, more MoonBux will be given based on your performance. Need more MoonBux? In-app purchase is available for that purpose, although it is totally optional. As far as I have seen, most items/parts don’t really affect the overall gameplay.

Tracks are grouped in planets. There are several planets here, each consists of several moons (each of them represents one track), which is of course based on our real world solar system. To unlock more moons, you have to get sufficient stars, which are obtained by performing well on races. In each moon, there are 2 difficulty levels, where the advanced level can only be played after finishing at the 1st position for the basic level.

You can also try the multiplayer mode, although only local multiplayer is available for the time being. As a racing game, I do think it will be a great addition for having online multiplayer mode via GameCenter. You can get Lunar Racer for $0.99 on the AppStore, available as a universal app.

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Replay Value:★★★★☆ 
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