Is A BlackBerry PlayBook Fire Sale Looming On The Horizon?

Here’s to affordable (and quality) things in life.

From the looks of it, a BlackBerry fire sale ala HP TouchPad may be looming on the horizon.

Why, you say? Well, it’s because Research In Motion just brought down the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook to $300.

Yes, you can see it here officially on the BlackBerry PlayBook page from RIM’s own site.

What’s more, that $300 price is across the board which means that ALL models are now priced $300 ($299 if you want to be exact) regardless of their memory capacity.

Yes, you read that right. Even the 32GB version or the 64GB version of the PlayBook is up for grabs for just $300. This means that you’ll save $400 on the 64GB version, $300 on the 32GB version and $200 on the 16GB version if you compare this current price with the price of the models when the device was first released by the Canadian tech firm.

Currently, the RIM site is listing a shipping timeframe of 7-14 business days across all models. All models are also listed as “In Stock”.

This offer has been in effect since January 4 and will end on February 4 as per RIM’s own announcement on the site.

This brings me to my guess (and hope) that a fire sale of the PlayBook may be looming on the horizon. Why? With deep cuts like that, the BlackBerry maker is still listing the models as “In Stock”.

This may mean two things: one is that RIM just has a lot of PlayBook tablets on hand that they can still satisfy the demand or that people are not biting the promotion. I’m hoping it’s the latter which means that RIM may be forced in the near future to further bring down that price.

Can RIM do this? Yes they can. HP did it. Furthermore, RIM has already written off their PlayBook experiment and took a charge of nearly half a billion dollars on their third quarter balance sheet.

RIM has been dishing discounts here and there the past months, arguably because the PlayBook is not selling as quickly as they would have hoped. Maybe they’ll keep on discounting the tablet in the coming months.

And even though there have been many criticisms about the PlayBook (no BBM, few apps, etc.), it’s still a pretty good tablet if you ask me. Holding one, you realize that the build quality of the PlayBook is good. If the price is right (i.e. very affordable), who wouldn’t want it if they had a few extra bucks to spare?

What do you think about this? Tell us more in the comments.

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