Capsule: The Event Planning Startup

In today’s digital age of mobile technology you would think planning events with friends would have been solved years ago. On the contrary, more and more startups are popping up into the niche of event planning. Some are broader while others may focus specifically on large scale events or more of a gathering with friends. The new startup Capsule falls into the latter category of that bunch.

The startup is both a website and an app designed to help you plan your next event better than you normally would. In a normal situation you would probably be texting multiple individuals or calling them to try and set something up. With this startup, you would instead go and make a capsule. You start one with information such as a title, location, info, time and really all the information that is vital to planning an event. You can then invite friends through Facebook, email, or your contacts on Capsule.

Then once you create the actual capsule you can update the settings, invite more people, put up picture albums, and write posts to the group. Now I think I may know what you are thinking about at this point. “This sounds a lot like planning events on Facebook.” That is in part because it is a lot like it. Even the structure of a capsule looks very similar to the layout of a Facebook event page. So what makes Capsule different?


Well there are a couple of things. The big one is that there is a group phone number and group email letting you easily message all the members of the group right from your phone or laptop. The photo options are also slightly more robust than Facebook’s offerings. Plus it will automatically sync with CapsuleCam should you decide to download that app as well.

The service and app are free, making it competitive against the de facto Facebook offering. So if you just want a service specialized for event planning and not a whole social network to go with it, Capsule is a viable option.

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