Rumored First BBX Smartphone From RIM Leaked

The first smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM) which could be the first to run on the next-generation proprietary BBX operating system has been leaked by The Verge.

According to The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky, the phone pictured above is the BlackBerry London, the first BBX OS smartphone from RIM.

Topolsky says that the BlackBerry London is “headed for a June 2012 release”. According to the site, the London will feature a dual-core 1.5GHz TI-OMAP processor. It is also rumored to pack 1GB in RAM, 16GB in internal memory, and two cameras (8MP and 2MP).

My first impressions of the BlackBerry London after seeing the picture is that it looks much like the recently-unveiled Porsche Design P’9981 BlackBerry. This is the product of a RIM-Porsche collaboration which resulted in a phone priced at a jaw-dropping $2,000.

Take a look at it and see what I mean:

They do look like the work of the same designer, no? Or the work of the same team. In fact, reading through the whole article from The Verge, Topolsky also noted this which I’m sure most of the people who follow the tech scene would have also noticed.

Topolsky writes:

“What’s strange about the phone design is that it closely resembles RIM’s Porsche Design P9981. Given the source of this image, it’s possible that this is also a Porsche-designed BlackBerry destined for countries other than the US or Canada.”

It also looks like the BlackBerry Lonon is very much a reality as it has been corroborated by a report from BGR saying that they have independently confirmed that the London is real. BGR says, however, that their source tells them that the BlackBerry London will likely be launched late during the third quarter of next year. The site point out that “RIM still has not been able to get BES or BBM working on BBX devices”. This may be the reason of the late launch.

What’s sad about this is that people who are looking at RIM, with its declining sales and market share and everything, are looking at BBX as the thing which would save the company from its decline. With a Q2 to Q3 launch, it seems people will have to wait longer for BBX on a smartphone, which is hailed by some as a better platform than Android and iOS, the dominant mobile platforms today.

That launch date sound like it will do RIM a lot of damage, if you ask me. However, BGR does say that the launch window for the BBX-powered BlackBerry London is anything but firm so RIM fans, keep your fingers crossed.

Via The Verge and BGR

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