About Appsplit


Welcome to appsplit, the crowdfunding platform for apps.  appsplit has three campaign types, each to help you with a different need.
Are you looking to raise funds for your app?  That's what the fund campaign is for.  Set a goal, set some rewards and launch a campaign to fund your project.
Are you looking to sell your app?  The sell campaign can help you.  Simply list some information about your app and put it up for sale on the site.
Not ready to part ways yet but you need some extra help?  The develop campaign can help you.  With the develop campaign you can find freelancers of all kind to help work on the app with you.
Whatever your app business needs are, appsplit can help.  If you need help or have any questions please contact us, we are always happy to help!




Email: support@appsplit.com


You can download our logo, buttons and icons for press releases and articles here or click one of these images: